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Unlock Your Destiny!

Don't wait another day to begin to realize everything God has created you for!

This FREE 90-minute teaching will give you keys you've been missing to unlock the person God created you to be. 

Sometimes we all feel stuck. It's a familiar place for many of us. But we believe you were created for more than that - you were created to be an important part of the Kingdom of God. To take your place, you sometimes have to remove stuff that's been in the way.


Teia has helped thousands of people discover their true identity in Christ, get healing for the things that hold them back, kick the enemy out of their lives, and begin to walk in all that God made them to be. This is what you've been looking for!

For over 15 years, Teia has helped people just like you get free, and walk in their destiny!

Teia Martinez is the President at Teia Martinez Ministries. She is passionate about seeing individuals and families set free. Her desire is to see God’s people of all ages healed, equipped, and activated. With a commitment to empowering others to fulfill their destiny and purpose, Teia firmly believes in the importance of personal growth and spiritual development. Through Teia Martinez Ministries, she provides resources, teachings, and support to help individuals on their journey of faith.


Walk in Your Destiny!

Testimonies of Freedom with Teia

"I’m able to walk out things with my family and kids differently because of the freedom and healing I’ve received and the knowledge and wisdom you all pass on. You are raising up generals, and you guys pouring into us doesn’t stop with us, it transfers and trickles down, and I’m seeing that fruit in my kids’ lives as well."

"For personal freedom was the immediate deliverance of the spirit of fear especially the fear of failure, the accusations of the past sins or failures and the condemnations that went along with it. The loosing of the heavy burdens of feeling responsible for someone else’s sins, short comings of life choices that effect me but it was not my fault but theirs and forgiving them for it; being set free to see myself truly from the eyes of God and not that of the devil lies or my own shame. Being set free to be able to share the hurts, secret sins, lies and truths of my past that none my Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit only knew.  And having gained the freedom to walk out of the last session and asking God, the Father, “What do I do now?” Then hear the Words, “Walk with me.” Amen…"

Don't wait another day to get started. Your destiny and a deeper, more satisfying relationship with God is waiting for you!

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