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We are honored to provide ministry to the body of Christ. We are a faith-based ministry and we encourage everyone receiving ministry to make a tax deductible donation at the time of their ministry. 

Please consider becoming a monthly partner to help other believers receive healing, deliverance, and equipping. 


Thank you for your prayers and financial support! 

Team work


If this ministry has impacted your life, and you would like to be a part of other people's healing, would you consider becoming a monthly partner with us? Your participation as a monthly supporter relieves us of the burden of meeting our overhead of rent, utilities and other office costs, and enables us to wholly concentrate on the tasks that God has given us.

We believe there is much work to do so that the body of Christ can be healed and fully equipped. Your gift will enable us to continue to minister to those in need of healing, training, and discipleship. We send a regular email newsletter with testimonies and information on all activities within the ministry.

Planting a Tree


Our counseling and deliverance ministry is offered on a donation basis. We ask that those receiving ministry make a donation in any amount prior to each session. Your donations make it possible for us continue providing this very important ministry!

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