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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Healing Hearts International Ministries do? 


Our mission statement is Bringing Freedom to Walk in Kingdom Destiny. We offer ministry sessions for personal healing and growth. This includes forgiveness, healing for trauma, inner healing, dealing with strongholds, identifying and changing ungodly beliefs, etc. We also train and equip believers to minister healing and freedom to others. We believe revival comes through restoration - as you receive healing, you become a carrier of the Kingdom of God!


What do I need to do before my appointment?


Please complete our questionnaire and consent form. We will use these, as well as direction by the Holy Spirit, to identify areas in which you need ministry. If you experience increased anxiety or other symptoms prior to your appointments, understand that the enemy does not want you to get free! He will do anything he can to keep you from following through with getting ministry. This is a completely normal experience. Stay strong, you will have new tools to overcome him soon!


What can I expect at my first appointment?


At your first one hour session we will go over your questionnaire, talk about any questions your counselor has about your information, and discuss our recommendations for you. If we have time remaining, we will follow what Holy Spirit wants to do and begin some ministry work. 


How many appointments will I need to make to experience inner healing and deliverance?


We typically minister inner healing in several 1 hour appointments, and deliverance in 2-3 appointments that are 2-3 hours each. How long the process takes depends on many factors including depth of trauma, budget concerns, your consistency to complete homework and make regular appointments, etc. Our clients often continue to make periodic appointments after they have been released, for discipleship and “cleanup” work in the months and years following. We are here for you!


What is done in an inner healing appointment?


We have many different prayers and ministry tools to help you get freedom. Holy Spirit leads every ministry session, so your minister will be listening for what He wants to do next. In Inner Healing, we ask the Holy Spirit to take you to a memory He wants to heal. Normally this will be a trauma. We walk through forgiveness, and steps to hear from Jesus about lies you believed and what was actually true. Then we give space for Jesus to minister to you. About 20% of getting freedom is dealing with trauma, and Inner Healing is a powerful healing tool for trauma. 


What is done in a Deliverance appointment?


Deliverance is done with teams of 2-5 people. The lead will walk you through renouncing the strongholds you need to cover, and then pray for you. The other team members will be praying and listening to Holy Spirit for direction. We work with a list of 16 strongholds that are found in Scripture, and also minister prophetically. Deliverance is a powerful experience, often life-changing!


When can I schedule an appointment?


Our volunteers are in the office Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-3pm mountain time. You may call or text 719-398-1825 to reach them. You may also schedule online by going to, click on Schedule, select your counselor’s location, and book your appointment.


Where do I come for my appointment?


HHIM has 2 locations, in Colorado Springs, and the Houston area. We also do online appointments. The address for your appointment is in your confirmation email you will receive 48 hours before your appointment. If your appointment is online, it will have a zoom link.


What is the cost for each appointment?


Suggested minimum donation for one hour appointments with Teia is $125, and $40-75 for other counselors. Deliverance and intensives are on a case by case basis.


How can I donate for my appointment?


If you book online, you will donate at the time of booking. If you book by phone, text, or email, you may donate at, or by cash, check, or card in person. We ask that donations be made prior to each appointment unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

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