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Teia Martinez Ministries offers Biblical counseling for personal healing and growth. Counseling includes forgiving those who have hurt us, inner healing, dealing with soul wounds, identifying lies we believe that hold us back, experiencing Sonship with our Heavenly Father, and prayer ministry. 

Deliverance is others coming alongside you to help you engage your will to pursue God. We will assist you in rooting out the enemy who has gained access through sin, generational issues, unforgiveness, thought process, etc. Deliverance is a step toward walking in freedom. It is just one of the steps, along with continuing to resist the enemy and renewing your mind. 

Deliverance is not a cure-all or magic fix. You must walk it out! And it is not something done TO you, it is a joining WITH you. 

You can expect compassion - you will not be judged; there will be complete confidentiality; and you will be treated with respect and dignity. 

The enemy tries to destroy you because he knows God has a plan for your life. Your past hurts and areas of attack in your life are usually proportionate to your calling and gifts!

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