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Karla Coughlin

Minister - CO

Since 1978, Karla has been watching the Lord answer prayer in powerful ways. After college, Karla joined the church prayer ministry and began learning more about Intercession, Inner Healing Prayer, and Deliverance. Since 2007, she has been trained by a variety of Healing Prayer and Deliverance ministers in addition to facilitating the MacNutt School of Healing Prayer. In 2017, she was introduced to Teia Martinez and the amazing group of people involved in Healing Hearts International Ministry. Karla loves being outdoors and has worked as a computer programmer, a massage therapist, and in a variety of other jobs.

Karla's passion is watching the Trinity show up to bring peace, healing, wholeness, restoration, and freedom to those who are wounded and weary. They’ve tried it all, said it all, and consented to everything in their minds, but nothing seems to change.

Craig Cooney says, “Life is often messy and we are complex creatures trying to navigate our way through it all. Jesus always wades in and brings hope, healing, acceptance, and love."

In Scripture, when Jairus' daughter dies, the messengers say to Jairus, "Why bother the teacher anymore?" Ignoring the messengers, Jesus says, "Do not be afraid, just believe." Jesus knows He is about to get involved in the situation and He's got resurrection power in His back pocket. When Jesus finally arrives at Jairus' house, one of the first things He does is clear the house.

Let Jesus clear your house of all the lies and the pain and the spiritual attacks. Jesus sees you and He wants to bring you back to abundant life.

Karla Coughlin
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