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Up Coming Events

This is an in-person only event.

Walk-in registration is available, but we appreciate pre-registration so we can save a seat for you! Bring a friend or family member who is excited to get their freedom!

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Make plans to join us for the next Layers of Freedom class, Freedom of Sonship. This powerful class wil help you discover and walk in your true identity in Christ: a loved part of God's family! Discover truth that will empower you to break free from the orphan and slave mentality, and become a Child of God! Don't miss this opportunity to experience the love of God that brings healing.


Inner Circle Of Generals 

$ 47 monthly subscription

Online Group

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Faith For Life Church

Third Tuesday of the month, 7pm-

Calling all Proverbs 31 Women to join us!

Going to be a life changing encounter!

Bring a dish to share!

Proverbs 31 Women

2023 Past Events

Welcome to HHIM Ministry, where we believe in being led by the Holy Spirit in all that we do. Join us for our regular events, where we explore a variety of topics and experiences to deepen our relationship with God. Come discover the power of revelation through the understanding of the Holy Spirit.

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What a powerful time learning about who to deal with Rejection, Shame and Word Curses. We pray that were able to attend that you continue to be the person God created you to be. 

Colorado Freedom School

We want to give a HUGE Thank You, we were recently hosted by the Gateway Prayer Garden in Fountain CO, where we had the opportunity to share our passion for Deliverance and Inner Healing through our Freedom School Curriculum. The Holy Spirit is truly changing lives through our Freedom Schools and we are excited to share it with you. As  we continue to pray for those who attended the Freedom School, we wanted to share a few moment from the school.

Layers of Freedom

We at HHIM, extend a huge THANK YOU out to Susan Ogden for helping spread the word of the Lord and equipping people with the knowledge to tear down the spiritual strongholds of Freemasonry that keep people away from God. Our ministry is focused on the teachings of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. Our mission is to "Bringing Freedom to Walk in Kingdom Destiny".

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We pray that all those who joined the event will continue to be lead by the Holy Spirt and continue to teardown the strongman of freemasonry. We look forward to seeing God's miraculous power at work in your lives and in your communities. 


What a great time of Worship and Ministry

As  worship ushered in the Holy Spirit. His presence was felt throughout the room. The anointing fell on so many. We pray that everyone who was touched by the Holy Spirit, word, prophecy and ministry will never be the same. 

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In this Layers of Freedom workshop, Breaking Generational Curses, we learned:
-Entry points - what gives a curse or iniquity the legal right to attach to you.
-How to identify what the curse or iniquities are.
-Activation in how to break the iniquities off of your life, and your generational line.

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The Texas freedom school used Biblical Ministry that focused on the power of the anointing of the Holy Spirit and how it can bring freedom to those who are broken hearted. Through deliverance and inner healing, we pray to reach those who are struggling with their identity and purpose of God in their life. Our goal was to equip our students with the knowledge, tools and resources needed to be effective in their ministry. We offer powerful meetings and classes that will help you understand the principles of deliverance and inner healing, so that you can reach those who need it the most. Be on the look out for the next school!

Other ways to hear Click below

VANQUISH ACADAMEY 3.30.2023 (1).png

Vanquish Academy

Had a great time with over 100 Vanquish attendees. Understanding Sonship and the authority you have in Jesus. 

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What a great event!

We here at Healing Hearts want to extend out a Thank You to all who were able to attend the meeting in-person and on-line.

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